One moment...
“...The divinity you are united with
Is the same divinity as you
There is only Holy Communion...”
“...Hiding in a place in the back of my Heart 
is the place where I’m shining the most...”
“...In the still of the night from within 
the darkness comes the Light...”


Venus is currently excitedly working on a new album, book and show.

“...Know ye this, there is no death 
And the children of eternal love 
Are forever free 
Would they but release 
The tight taught grip they hold 
On the solid mists of the illusory..””


“...You told the truth,
I do have wings,
Oh the Grace
That deep change brings...”



“Powerful guiding words....good”
Sabina and Michael D. Higgins, Mrs and Mr President of Ireland

“ was one of the most memorable artistic experiences of my entire life time, and I weigh my words."
Pierre Pradervand, Author of The Gentle Art of Blessing

“Venus CúMara has a voice. You can trust her view. She means what it is she writes. She walks the path of the spirit. Her eyes have been open, I'd say since the day she came into this world. There are stories upon stories behind the poems and it truly is her integrity that adds power to her poetry - she has been there. She is there. Just listen to the poems with all the pain of your day and you'll only feel better for listening.”
Liam O'Maonlai, Artist, Musician, Hothouse Flowers

“Listening to Venus' poetry is like being warmly welcomed to swim in an ocean of devotion. She is a pure channel of universal love with a light joyful spirit that warms the heart.”
Naomi Francis, Organiser of Bhakti Fest UK

“Poetry was something I thought was for other people, however in Venus' inspirational workshop I found there was a poet inside of me.”
Angela, Poetry Workshop Attendee

“All my negative judgements and expectations about poetry disappeared and instead I found something in me I never knew I had and I am forever grateful.”
Natasha, Poetry Workshop Attendee

“I really liked your poems, especially the one “Have you heard the great news”. I listened to your album on the drive home, it was sooooooo relaxing! I hope to see you again one day.”
Maya Carveth, Aged 9

Tour Dates

It's full focus behind the scenes to birth the powerful new album, the overdue book and an inspirational new and empowering show for women and men alike to raise The Divine Feminine to Her throne in You.

All to be released in Winter Solstice, December 2019.
Watch this space...

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The Wisdom of Love
7.30pm, 21 April 2016
Flipside Studios, Colliers Lane, Kilkenny

Rather Gather Festival
22-24 April 2016
Website / Facebook 

Bealtaíne Fire Celebration for World Peace
1-2 May, 8pm 2016
Glengarreth Woods 
Ballinspittle, West Cork

The Wisdom of Love
Concert, 9pm, Friday 13 May 2016
House of Yoga, Waterford

Finding your Authentic Voice Workshop
with Venus CúMara 
Sunday 15 May
House of Yoga, Waterford
Booking via Website

Small World Festival
26-30 May
Kent, England

Fire In The Mountain Festival
2-5 June

Body and Soul
with Karla Kelly
17-19 June
More details to be announced

Santosa Yoga Festival
24-26 June

Galway Fringe Festival
20th, 21st & 22nd July
9pm in The Mechanics Institute

Electric Picnic
Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois
2nd, 3rd & 4th September

House of Yoga @ Jerry Fish Stage (Main Arena)
Saturday & Sunday at midday

Earth Spirit (Body & Soul Arena)
Saturday @ 7pm

European Tour - UK
Alexander Palace, North London
11th & 12th October

European Tour - Ireland
City West, Dublin
14th &15th

Tlachtga Samhain Festival
Hill of Ward, Athboy, Co.Meath
31st October 7pm

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